Conference presentations

Anderson, ER 2018, ‘Backpacker deaths in Australia: Narratives of victimhood,blame, and mythologisation’, AAS, Cairns.

Anderson, ER 2018, ‘The cost of labour precarity and everyday survival for working holidaymakers in rural Australia’, ASA, Oxford.

Anderson, ER 2017, ‘At home with ethnography: Coming to terms with discomfort and positionality in a familiar research space’, AAS/ASA/ASAANZ, Adelaide.

Anderson, ER 2016, ‘Meeting the locals: Working holidaymakers’ experiences of community in a regional Australian agricultural town’, AAS, Sydney.

Anderson, ER 2016, ‘Temporariness, belonging, and the mobile body: Exploring seasonal agricultural workers’ experiences in a regional Australian community’, ASA, Durham.

Anderson, ER 2015, ‘Placemaking and everyday multiculturalism: Navigating place through the identities of temporary migrant workers in regional Australian communities’, AAS, Melbourne.

Panel convening

Anderson, ER & MeTooAnthro 2018, ‘#MeTooAnthro: sexual assault and harassment in anthropology‘ panel, ASA, Oxford.

Anderson, ER & Wallis, R 2017, ‘School of Arts and Communication postgraduate colloquium’, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba.

Anderson, ER & Smith, J 2016, ‘Rural dwelling and resilience’ panel, AAS, Sydney.