Selected academic experience

2018-9 | Employed to teach anthropology courses over 4 semesters (University of Southern Queensland), including:

  • ANT1001 (Introductory Anthropology) (Semester 1, 2019; 3, 2018-9; 1, 2018)

Course synopsis: This broad introduction to cultural anthropology presents students with disciplinary concepts and debates, and the contemporary applications of major theories, underpinned by a personal commitment to tender and empathetic scholarship.

Role: To facilitate student learning, encourage interest and future study of the humanities, and assist with the fundamental elements of academic writing, research, and critical analysis, with teaching methods adapted across both on-campus and online course offerings.

  • ANT2007 (Ethnographic Methods: Making Anthropology) (Semester 2, 2018)

Course synopsis: The course offers students a hands-on guide to qualitative methods and planning ethnographic research projects.

Role: Helping students build knowledge of ethnographic fieldwork practice, develop their personal research praxis, and learn how to critically engage with theory and effectively disseminate their work.

2018 | Guest lecture for Masters and Honours-level students in the HMT4007 (Becoming a Researcher) course, on emotive, sensory ethnography and the practice of conducting fieldwork in familiar spaces, University of Southern Queensland (Toowoomba), 8 May 2018.

2016-19 | Casual academic work (University of Southern Queensland) in various courses and roles, including:

  • INR1000 (International Relations in a Globalising Era), Semester 3, 2018-9 (marking)
  • HIS3002 (History: The Twentieth Century), Semester 3, 2018-19 (marking)
  • ANT1001 (Introductory Anthropology), Semester 1, 2019 (developing offline course material for incarcerated students); Semester 2, 2017 (including marking, preparing tutorial content, and delivering weekly tutorials); Semester 3, 2016-7 (marking).


2015 – Doctor of Philosophy (Anthropology) | University of Southern Queensland

Working thesis title: Working holidaymakers in Australia: Place-making, vulnerability, and agency

2014 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Anthropology) | University of Southern Queensland

Thesis title: ‘But first, let me take a #selfie: Selfies, the everyday, and giving meaning to online space’; awarded First Class honours

2013 Bachelor of Social Science (Anthropology + Social Justice) | University of Southern Queensland

Honorary positions

2018 Regular guest contributor for The Familiar Strange blog

2018 Co-founder/curator of Dogs of Anthropology

2017 Book and exhibition reviews editor for Queensland Review journal

2017 Founding member of MeTooAnthro independent research collective

2016 University representative for the Australian Network of Student Anthropologists

Grants and scholarships

2015 Successful grant application for travel to 2015 AAS conference in Melbourne, awarded by ANSA

2014 Successful proposal for an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) scholarship (now Research Training Program), awarded via the University of Southern Queensland

Professional memberships

Australian Anthropological Society

Australian Network of Student Anthropologists

American Anthropological Association

Aroid Society of Australia


Journal articles + reviews

Anderson, ER 2019, ‘The quest for the good life in precarious times: Ethnographic perspectives on the domestic moral economy, Chris Gregory & Jon Altman (eds). Acton, ACT: ANU Press, 2018. Pp. xix + 22, AUD$45 (Pb.), ISBN 9-781760-462000′, The Australian Journal of Anthropology, vol. 0, no. 0.

*Anderson, ER 2015, ‘Regional identity and digital space: Connecting the arts, place, and community engagement’, Queensland Review vol. 22, no. 02, pp. 179-90.

Book chapters

*Anderson, ER 2018, ‘Belonging, temporality and seasonal labour: Exploring temporary agricultural work in regional Australia’ in S. Werth & C. Brownlow (eds.) Work and identity: Contemporary perspectives on workplace diversity, Palgrave MacMillan, London.

Blog posts

Anderson, ER 2019, ‘Making an academic coven’, guest blog post for The Familiar Strange.

Anderson, ER 2018, ‘Forgotten violence against backpackers in Australia‘, guest blog post for The Familiar Strange.

*Anderson, ER 2018, ‘Monstrous possibilities: Kaiju as beauty and terror‘, guest blog post for The Geek Anthropologist.

Anderson, ER 2018, ‘A feminist analysis of orthodox dogspotting‘, guest blog post for The Familiar Strange

Anderson, ER 2017, ‘An alien at home: Reflections on doing ethnography in a familiar space’, Australian Network of Student Anthropologists monthly newsletter (May).



Conference papers

Anderson, ER 2018, ‘Backpacker deaths in Australia: Narratives of victimhood,blame, and mythologisation’, AAS, Cairns.

Anderson, ER 2018, ‘The cost of labour precarity and everyday survival for working holidaymakers in rural Australia’, ASA, Oxford.

Anderson, ER 2017, ‘At home with ethnography: Coming to terms with discomfort and positionality in a familiar research space’, AAS/ASA/ASAANZ, Adelaide.

Anderson, ER 2016, ‘Meeting the locals: Working holidaymakers’ experiences of community in a regional Australian agricultural town’, AAS, Sydney.

Anderson, ER 2016, ‘Temporariness, belonging, and the mobile body: Exploring seasonal agricultural workers’ experiences in a regional Australian community’, ASA, Durham.

Anderson, ER 2015, ‘Placemaking and everyday multiculturalism: Navigating place through the identities of temporary migrant workers in regional Australian communities’, AAS, Melbourne.

Panels convened

Anderson, ER & MeTooAnthro 2018, ‘#MeTooAnthro: sexual assault and harassment in anthropology‘ panel, ASA, Oxford.

Anderson, ER & Wallis, R 2017, ‘School of Arts and Communication postgraduate colloquium’, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba.

Anderson, ER & Smith, J 2016, ‘Rural dwelling and resilience’ panel, AAS, Sydney.