Hi there! I am a PhD candidate and sessional lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

My current research project relates to broad themes of labour precarity, temporary migration, and agrarian landscapes.

I have experience conducting qualitative ethnographic fieldwork in regional Australia with working holidaymakers, farmers, and long-term small-town residents. This undertaking focuses on the intersections of everyday life in public space and deconstructing notions of belonging.

I also spend a lot of time slowly thinking through the following things (and more): human-plant interactions; ruination; spatial palimpsests, wayfinding, and reconfigurations of being-in-the-world; and what it means to work towards scholarship that is tender, kind, and filled with radical softness. My research praxis is informed by a personal commitment to caring, empathetic, and nuanced portrayals of people and places.

Some broader interests include feminist and queer theory, ethnobotany and environmental change, and an anthropology of outer space.